Hyperlucent Radiology

Dedicating radiologists to HyperlucentTM reporting.

Promoting report readibility and usefulness by upholding the established principles of clear writing.

"When the meaning is unclear there is no meaning."

We define hyperlucent as: clearer than usual. 

Imaging reports are medical publications and appropriate editorial standards should apply.
Hyperlucent.com teaches radiologists technical writing skills to improve their reports. We help edit reports to scientific publication standards as increasingly demanded by referrers, administrators, payers and patients.

"I made this letter longer because I did
not have the time to make it shorter."

Radiology report excerpts from two continents acquired over half of a career, and online report samples from national radiology companies will be added to the site and analyzed for clarity, conciseness, consistency and completeness. Critiques, discussions, suggestions, references and opinions follow.

"One should use common words
to say uncommon things."

One of the main goals for a writer is to reduce barriers to comprehension. Over a century of scientific writing experience has given us the needed principles. References on this subject are numerous and readily available, and vary little in their recommendations.

"Brevity is the soul of wit."

Consistent report structure and nomenclature are important but without appropriate syntax and grammar, they are indefinite. 

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